Check out @grantstern’s Tweet:

Grant this is absolutely, truly despicable!!

Precisely he is a murderer he’s already killed plenty of kids so I wasn’t understanding the little fake Tear Factory from that long neck bitch Ivanka- who claimed  to be so heartbroken behind Assad killing children.. I think the bitch was upset about breaking a nail!

★★ does it matter if you kill the kids with chemical weapons or you just kill them they’re just as dead either way…this is horrendous how many more DEATHS @GOP how many more miles soldiers are you all going to let be killed how many civilians are you all going to let get killed he’s killing 12 civilians a Day how many more?  how many more will be enough for him to kill per day ? 

do you have a number @GOP?? Your racist xenophobic pussy-grabbin’ president is really on a roll with murder so we don’t have to worry about Fifth Avenue too much huh??

 Trumps getting his kicks & KILLS overseas!


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