Rand the big mouthed stunt man…no copier to keep you company?

Check out @thehill’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/thehill/status/880092948708413440?s=09

Why exactly do you want to “make good” on a no-good promise from your no-good selves ? 
In case you don’t understand Rand Paul–your job is NOT to deliver on a promise that PURPOSEFULLY hurts millions of people —
***your job is to PROTECT millions of people so you can take that bullshit elsewhere bro– miss me with that all together!!
 if you have so much to say Rand Paul,  where is your bill?

 where is your bill cuz you had the same amount of YEARS as the rest of them had- yet you can talk about what they do, don’t do, standby copier machines and shit–

 where’s your bill that’s so wonderful and great let’s see it!
Here’s an easier question for you what’s  your price??


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