FOX NEWS IS THE FAKE NEWS…   ADMITTEDLY SO, when is the MSM gonna get on that???

Check out @chrislhayes’s Tweet:
That’s my biggest problem with Fox…they have a couple journalists who 

actually report news–by day….by evening it becomes conspiracy theory alley, blatant lies, racism, stupidity, etc. So people who watch Fox may think it’s always factual if they’ve seen the same news on a legit station..They have it both ways and that’s not news full of partly true things…which is why I’m NOT GETTING WHY NO JOURNALISTS have asked why Trump, Ryan, McConnell etc are still going in Fox…as they have ADMITTED to being the fake news themselves …what’s up with that ???  I HEARD NO JOURNALIST call them out as the REAL FAKE NEWS.. and Trump can’t stay off with the fake news media …what’s up for real??  When we’re talking about Russia legitimately Fox is not they have stories like that one or something about Hillary that is a false story anything but the truth, unless it’s favorable to Don the Con Trump.


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