Check out @RawStory’s Tweet:

How about you STOP CALLING THIS EMBARRASSING DISGRACEFUL FUKK PRESIDENT…EITHER GIVE HILLARY HER FUCKIN JOB…OR WE   D E M A N D ANOTHER ELECTION…you owe us at least that much WITHholding all that information FROM US…you know Russia interfered you know what their agenda was and looks like they accomplished it so let’s get something for THE DISGRACE HE HAS CAUSED US…or are you going to continue to let him destroy America’s reputation and ties with allies around the world??

…how much more does the son of a bitch have to do???

 actually push the fucking button??

WE DEMAND the right president and it’s not Trump! and it’s not Pence!!

all of the cheaters cabinet is disqualified and shouldn’t be removed immediately!!!


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