Check out @cspanwj’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/cspanwj/status/871362612184875008?s=09

Fake explosive vests don’t sound like ISIS.. sounds like Trump/ Putin to me,  there was something similar yet very different about this, I can’t put my finger on it but it’ll come out.. if you go back to Trump’s first general reaction he didn’t even seem surprised or bothered he just said we have to be smart about his travel ban almost like he was expecting this does anyone put it past him and Putin to have arranged something like this and try to blame it on Isis to further his racist bullshit? ?  I don’t .. Putin has no problem killing anyone that gets in his way and he’s very good friends with Assad in Syria who has no problem gassing children so these are all a bunch of merry men,  having their fun with Terror around the world who’s going to stop it?? Trump has killed an 8 year old girl, a Navy SEAL, & dozens of civilians over dinner… no problem… big fukkking problem… how many ways can you say he’s lethal


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