I’ve had this figured out since November 9th all the big players involved in this Treason!  I’m wondering y others act as though CHEATING is so beyond his character or something, & it fits TOTALLY w/what we know about the orange pussy grabbing, Islamophobic,  homophobic,misogynistic asshole elect! He is so babified that he couldn’t take losing to a woman, STILL hasn’t accepted he lost popular vote which he LOST IN A YUGE WAY! Putin inserts himself in our democracy, then orange peel appoints Putin close pal Tillerson, plus the rest of that deplorable cabinet, his lack of respect for Americans & praise of Russia, should be a RESOUNDING ALARM!! ALL OF THAT NOT TO MENTION BUSINESS CONFLICTS left,  right, & sideways,his childrn sitting in on important government meetings,  then, taking that info to work! This, to me, looks as if some of the electors may be a part of the scandal, they should be impartial & nonpartisan,  I think, because how fair is it that DJT has electoral friends, like the elector in Florida, who said she’s known Trump for years & is a member of his golf club-wow, is she supposed to be unbiased? ? Plus, she went so far as to speak for the other Floridian electors, guaranteeing their votes for Trump as well!  Anyone closely attached to Trump, will go down with the ship, because it will SURELY SINK!


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